We are a father-daughter duo committed to creating financial peace of mind. We help find the right solutions for you and your family.

About Ravi:

Ravi began in this industry in 1972, after immigrating to Canada from India.  In his 43 years in the insurance industry, Ravi has helped numerous clients realize their financial and personal goals, and ensured they were financially prepared for their golden years.  His passion for helping others stems into his numerous community activities, including helping new immigrants to get settled, and promoting Indo-Canadian culture in Vancouver.



About Sunita:

Sunita's passion for insurance started by growing up in her father's insurance business.  She made the transition from an elementary school educator to a financial educator as she joined the family business, RM Insurance Services Inc., in 2012.  Sunita has since become an active member in the insurance community, and specializes in all living benefits including Life, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance.  She also volunteers with a women's shelter in the Vancouver east side, providing financial literacy skills to women in need. 

Ravi & Sunita have been very helpful to me, my family and my business. Their advice is always honest and knowledgable. I’m very happy to entrust my business to RM Insurance Services Inc.”
— Pravin Soni, CEO of TIMECO

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