Did you know the average out-of-pocket cost per hospital stay in the US is over $15,000? Uninsured visitors to Canada can spend over $2000 a day on a hospital stay.  Protect yourself with travel insurance.  

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Travelling Canadians:  $10,000,000 of emergency travel medical insurance is available for Canadians travelling outside of your their home province.  You can also get features such as trip interruption/trap cancellation insurance.

Visitors to Canada:  Visitors to Canada travel insurance can help protect against the cost of unexpected medical emergencies that may occur during your guests' trip to Canada. It can be purchased prior to their departure from home or upon arrival to Canada. This insurance is for visitors to Canada, Canadians not eligible for benefits under a government plan, those who are in Canada for a work visa, Parent or Grandparent super visa, or new immigrants who are waiting for their health insurance plan to begin. 

Student Visitors: 

Travel Insurance for Students is designed specifically for students - whenever they travel to study.

If they are a Canadian studying abroad or in another Canadian province/territory, or if they are international students studying in Canada,Travel Insurance for Students is their way to get coverage for up to $2 million in benefits if a medical emergency strikes unexpectedly.